ActiVote Walkthrough Part 2

In part 1, we set up the user database to store all your classes. Now it's time to actually do some voting!

Labelling the devices

Your voting pads will have numbers 1 to 32 on them somewhere. Take the time to write these numbers on the top with indelible marker pen. Trust me, you'll be sorry if you don't.

Setting up a flipchart for voting with a class

  • Open your flipchart

  • Go to ACTIVote/session

  • Click on "Named Mode"

  • If the pupils in the list don't match your class, click on "Users..." then select your class from the dialogue that appears

Classroom routines

Pupils will need to know which device is attached to their name. I would start by having the user database screen showing on the first lesson with ACTIVote. Ask pupils to take the device with the number beside their name, then to make a note of that number in their jotter/planner. In subsequent lessons, establish the routine that if the box is open at the front of the room, they take their device on the way in. This saves a bit of time.

At the end of the lesson, take the time to develop the good routine that the devices go back into the box in the right order, ready for the next class. If I can manage this level of organisation, anyone can!

Running ad-hoc votes the terror-free way

So, we're finally ready to vote! Electronic voting systems allow every pupil to communicate directly with the teacher simultaneously and confidentially. That's amazingly powerful, so we need to be careful not to mess it up!


If you need convincing of this, read my cautionary tale here.

When it comes to it, the process of running a vote is very simple:

  • Take a fresh flipchart page (votes are stored on a one-per-page basis)

  • Write up a question on the board

  • Ask the class to work out the answer and write it down ( I find this works better than just giving them the choices from the start)

  • Once they have answers, write up or reveal your multiple choices and click on the voting pad icon in your toolbar

voting example
You'll now see a banner across the top of the screen with each pupil's name on it. As the pupils vote, their names turn yellow.

Once everyone has voted, click again on the voting pad icon. If everyone has voted, you'll be shown the summary screen. If not, you'll be asked whether or not you want to give the slow turtles a chance to vote.

The summary screen is pretty self explanatory:
results summary

Option B is highlighted as correct here because I clicked on it - the system is not that clever! This screen and the right/wrong summary are the only screens you should show your class. Clicking on who answered what brings up the full vote results (different vote - no names here because I'm writing this at home on a machine that does not have my user database on it):

full results

This "who answered what" screen is very useful - view it once you have frozen or switched the board to "no show"!

The picture above shows an example of a couple of pupils voting for F, when options A to D were only given. This will almost certainly happen in every class, but once they realise that you know who voted what, and that you will not allow them to take part in voting unless they take it seriously, they will soon stop.

Pre-prepared votes

Promethean have this excellent pair of flash animations showing how to use question master:

Formative Assessment with ACTIVote

This is the most important bit, so I'll put it into a separate post.....


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm using the Activote system at a school in the US, and your directions saved me so much time!


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