The Glow Mugs Glow!

Hey - I just had a cup of tea in my freebie glow mug, which was black with a tiny glowscotland URL, and look what happened:
Glow Mug.
Do I get a prize for being the first to blog this?

I laughed out loud, I must admit. I take back all the negative things I said - the Glow team have a wicked sense of humour - the dour mood at the conference was all just a set up for this glorious moment :)


  1. I overheard a wearer of one of the infamous GLOW shirts complaining that the letters on the shirts were originally supposed to be luminous but apparently they couldn't get the right colours! Now that would have been a site to see!

    Neil W

    PS: Am I being stupid (very likely!), but I can't see the RSS feed for your blog. What am I missing?

  2. Robert, You get the prize, it is probably another mug.
    I've just opened my bag my wife said 'they must think you are a bunch of kids'.
    Next year I hope they give all the glow mentors a wifi coupon. 600 mentors could kickup a big blog cloud.


  3. Cheers John - just what I always wanted ;) , and cheers for pointing Neil in the direction of the feed. I must put it in a more prominent place. Quite right about wi-fi. I just hope that the blogging tools in the portal are up to scratch.

    I'm kind of glad that the shirts weren't luminous Neil. Could have been a bit nightmarish!

  4. Blog collecting...

    This may be the 'official ' SETT weblog, but since we had no one lined up to blog from the event - so......

  5. And I don't even have a mug! I want one now!

  6. If you're ever passing North Berwick High School, pop in and take one of mine John - I ended up with two!

  7. The mugs are truly amazing! You beat me with your blog. I have been away all weekend otherwise I would have got my blog done. The pens are great as well. I just want to know when we get the t-shirts!


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