Linux eye candy

Here are some snapshots from my home desktop, running Ubuntu 6.06 with Compiz doing the fancy desktop stuff

Wobbly Windows

Choose Window

Peel Back


Whilst Windows drones are waiting expectantly for Vista, those of us running Linux have already got eye candy galore on our desktops. With XGL and Compiz, you get wobbly windows, variable translucency of windows, peel-back windows, a 3D cube with your desktops (oh - I forgot, Windows user don't have multiple desktops) and Mac style window selection.


  1. "Mac style window selection"

    Quite - it's still not a Mac ;-)

    Love the new blog. You seem to have a different style here. Do you feel it's more 'yours' than the Exc-el one?

  2. Hi Ewan. Let's not get started on a Mac vs Linux debate! Let's just agree that they're both better than Windows ;)
    Do you mean a different writing style? If so, then for sure - the Exc-el blog is essentially a work blog, specifically for talking about the whiteboards. I wouldn't post anything else there. This blog is mine so I can post whatever tedious drivel comes into my head :)

  3. Well, I for one really like your writing on this one compared to the Exc-el site. There's a good lesson for institutions wanting to get the best out of these tools with their employees: loosen up your control!


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