Intellectual Property

A post by Tom Hoffman sent me to this by David Warlick about intellectual property that got me thinking. It seems obvious to me that the current DRM strategies of most big corporations are hopelessly swimming against the tide of the free transfer of information over the Internet. With current technology, it is utterly unsustainable to attempt to restrict the sharing of information, even if you have the copyright on that information. You may not like it, but that's just the way it is. Even some big companies are starting to get it - check out Spiralfrog.

I just don't get that people don't get this.

This article from 2001 is wrong about advertising as source of revenue (it says that it's on the way out!) but spot on otherwise:

"If you or anyone you know has ever or will ever produce content (writing, music, video, etc.) and hopes to get paid for it, you should be afraid."


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