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Behaviour Management and Avalanches

I've read a few blog posts recently about behaviour management - " Top Ten Tips for Behaviour Management " is a fine example. Many of them seem to be aimed at NQTs.  I have agreed with almost everything in all of the posts, and use many of the strategies myself. And yet these posts leave me with nagging questions - who are they for, and will they help?  The short answers are, of course, that they are for whomever wants to read them, and that they are bound to be helpful to some teachers - the strategies are, after all, tried and tested, and they work!  I think these posts would be particularly useful for an experienced teacher who is looking to expand his or her repertoire of behaviour management strategies.  I have certainly found them useful (as a faculty head with over 20 years of teaching experience). So what is my gripe?  Is it just end-of-term malaise?  Maybe.  But I think this quote from a fascinating post by Harry Fletcher-Wood about trying to effect change i