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Learning from the Curriculum for Excellence

I've just jumped onto the train, having spent the day at Holyrood's "Learning from the Curriculum for Excellence" conference. Here are a few of the bits of information that stuck in my head.
Bill Maxwell, Education Scotland We need people who are good at learningThe 4 capacities are just as relevant in the senior phaseThe centre is not looking to impose one curriculum model for the senior phase (but authorities may be I guess!)BTC skills document is the least read (but I heard someone later describing it as gobbledygook! ).Pathways are good for high attainers, not so good for lowest attaining 20%We need to challenge  unspoken assumptions. CFE is designed to be a flexible model for development that will work for decadesSenior Phase needs to be planned across an an authority, working with FE colleges, local employers and other partnersWe need to do a better job of communicating CfE rationale to parents and pupils
Janet Brown, SQA
SQA are conscious that new qualifications …