But you're English aren't you...

I am not quick to take offence, but this is something I find quite hurtful: when native born Scots presume to label me as English because I was born and grew up in England.

I came to Scotland in 1983, and have lived here ever since. I lived through the poll tax (and am proud to say I didn't pay a penny until the legislation was repealed), protesting on the streets of Edinburgh with my fellow citizens. I have witnessed the growth of devolution, the birth pangs of the Scottish Parliament and the resurgence of the SNP. I have climbed, walked, paddled and snowboarded all across our beautiful, tranquil,  mournful landscape.  I have married, settled down and raised a wonderful son here. I have taught mathematics to thousands of Scottish children. I feel a profound connection to this land, its people, its history and its bright future.

So please don't tell me I'm English.


  1. So we ordered four one-way tickets to Scotland for August last night.


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