Scottish Mathematical Council Conference Brain Dump

Here are some facts/actions/ideas I jotted down at the conference.  Some are  from speakers, some are ideas that occurred to me as I listened:

Learning Together Maths with Graeme Logan

  • exploratory talk is an important feature of good practice in maths lesssons

  • I could do a weekly email to all staff listing main numeracy skills being learned in maths each week in S1/S2

  • key changes in CfE for maths include more “uncertainty”, impact and history and problem solving as a tool across maths

  • reformat self assessment traffic light sheets as mind maps/trees to show structure of LIs

  • good Learning Outcomes do not confuse learning with activity

  • outstanding LIs include what, how and why (revisited in plenary)

  • LIs can be verbal

  • Scottish survey of numeracy  is coming in May

  • AFL is critical to CfE - don’t be afraid to revisit it in CPD

  • Developing/Consolidating/Secure should NOT be used about individual E&Os, and were not designed for tracking/target setting

New National 4/5 Maths Qualifications with Mr Topping

  • no more NABs!  Items will be on NAR and we'll have to assemble them into unit assessments

  • Nat 5 will not be Int 2.  Carving off of apps into Lifeskills Maths means that the harder stuff can permeate all 3 units better

Other random stuff that occurred to me or was said to me through the day:

  • make textbook work richer by having pairs take it in turns to answer questions, explaining their thinking to their partner as they go

  • use local carry-out menus for money work

  • use a google docs form to perform something like a diagnostic interview with a whole class at once (pupils logged into GAE)

Quite a lot of ideas for one day.  I guess it made the early start on a Saturday morning worthwhile!

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