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assessment for fun and profit

I'm sure I am not alone amongst Scottish educators in wondering what assessment is going to look like in coming sessions. Having watched this Teachers' TV video at the weekend, I felt inspired to try an assessment activity that might better reflect the principals of assessment in CfE.  It wasn't a big deal, but the outcome was interesting enough to prompt this rare blog post! Today was the last lesson for my S2 class on a money topic which included wages, VAT and exchange rates.  I told the class that the aim of the lesson was for them to produce evidence of what they had learned during the topic, then asked them how they thought they might do that.  The first response was  "a test" (loud boos from classmates!).  Someone else suggested making posters, and another pupil suggested making up questions for the Activote pods, which they would then answer. We settled on making posters.  I have done this many times before as a way of allowing a class to reflect u

Fiddler on the roof

Last night I went along the see Fiddler on the roof, performed at North Berwick High School.  It was a wonderful experience.  The singing and acting were incredible, and the musical accompaniment performed by students and music teachers was superb. I can't really put into words what a great privilege it was to be there.  My son was performing, and I have taught most of the pupils who were on stage.  I also sail with quite a few of the youngsters.  It was like being a proud parent thirty times over.  It was also special for me because it was the first school musical that I have been able to see, having been a performer in the last two shows. "Happiness doesn't come from having things - it comes from being part of things" as the saying goes, and I felt a huge pride last night at being part of the community that produced such a fine performance. Lesley Hood devotes a huge amount of time every year to putting on the musical.  I don't know where she finds the energy, b