Let's Work Together

As maths departments across the country consider how to deliver a Curriculum for Excellence, we are all looking at potentially useful resources on the Web.

Let's not do that job hundreds of times over in isolation. Let's do it together in a way that enables us to build on each other's discoveries, and refine our judgements about which resources really help to deliver excellence.

Staff at Angus Council have done a power of work to list resources for each outcome in the maths and numeracy documents. But at present this list is only available within Glow, and is in a static format.

At North Berwick High School, we began transferring all our lists of hyperlinks to http://www.delicious.com some time ago, at http://www.delicious.com/tag/nbhsmaths and today I discovered a much more extensive collection at http://delicious.com/renfrewshiremaths, which tags every link with the code for a specific outcome.

From now on we will be using the same tags for maths links when I add them to delicious, and I would encourage any other maths teachers in Scotland to do the same. I'm not sure yet whether or not the RenfrewshireMaths collection includes the Angus Council lists. If not, I'll start adding them this weekend.

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