I spent last Wednesday interviewing for a new ftp member of the maths department.  We had a great set of interviewees and I would have been delighted to have almost all of them in our team.

10 years ago I decided to move on from Newbattle High School, and began applying for other teaching jobs in what was a very competitive environment.  When I eventually secured a position at North Berwick High School it was the 13th job that I had applied for. I had a dozen unsuccessful interviews!  So I know a little bit about how it feels to get the phone call that isn't good news - and how unsatisfying it is when you are told that it was a tough decision.  So it is with some hesitation that I say that it was, indeed, a tough decision.

I'd like to thank all those who applied.  The strength of the candidates, many of whom were NQTs, gives me great hope for the future of our profession.


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