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Magic Moments 2

Amongst the students who spend time in the support base at school, Coconut Run has become very popular recently.  This story won't make much sense unless you have had a go at Coconut Run!  One of the aforementioned students comes to work in the maths staff base sometimes with a support assistant, and I have seen him playing Coconut Run  sometimes after he has completed his set work. This week I saw him doing something different on Coconut Run.  I asked him what he was doing, and he replied that he was making a catapult!  Another boy in the base had had the idea, and it had caught on amongst the others. The creativity of young people amazes me.  You can see some more fantastic creations on Youtube .

Magic Moments 1

We set by ability in S2, and my S2 class is a small set of the least able students. This week we were doing the old "join the dots" investigation from Standard Grade which looks at how you can generate circular patterns from simple formulas using modular arithmetic. They completed the bits I had intended them to do in a period of one hour. The next lesson, boy A asked "can we do some of those join the dot patterns really big today - like on a poster?" My lesson plan did not involve anything to do with the investigation, but I didn't rule it out. I asked them to think individually in silence for 2 minutes about exactly how we would do what the boy had suggested, then gathered the thoughts of the class. They identified that the two key  problems would be: drawing a really big circle on a poster and; marking 18 equidistant points on the circumference. We had a fruitful discussion about ways of drawing a big circle, until boy B  said (obviously excited about his