And We're Back...

The Summer holiday seems million years ago.  I always forget from year to year just how challenging, exhausting, rewarding, exciting and stressful the return to school can be.  I have a busy year ahead, with  advanced higher, higher and credit classes, along some classes with some very challenging characters in them.  With each class I have relationships to build, routines to establish and ideas to try out.

Before I came into teaching, I worked for a few years in an insurance company doing actuarial calculations for pension schemes - I job I fell into.  The work exercised  my mind, but that was all, and I hoped that as a teacher I would be able to bring more of myself into my work.  I got everything I hoped for and more!  My first teaching practices were the most challenging things I have ever done in my life.

The great thing about teaching is that whilst it gets easier over the years, it never becomes routine.  Each new year brings a fresh set of challenges.  Thank goodness we have 6 weeks off to recharge our batteries between each one!


  1. ...and the rest! I think it is generally nearer 7 weeks you get each summer to recharge those batteries. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

  2. I think this post should be required reading for the student teachers that are starting at Jordanhill next week. Certainly I'll be showing it to the new set of Computing teachers.

  3. Thanks David. And good luck to your students :-)

    Also thanks to my darling wife Libby for enduring my slothful repose over the Summer!


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