EeePC and EyeOS

A first glance at this image (click on it to view it full size) might lead you to conclude that I've installed yet another operating system on the EeePC.


Look more closely though and you'll see the Firefox bar along the top. What you are seeing is EyeOS - an operating system that runs inside your browser.

It isn't perfect yet, and someone is going to have to figure out a way to make money out of such services if they are going to be sustainable, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Surely the time is coming when all the "computer" most users will need is a browser.


  1. The only problem with that is you need a more powerful computer to run your computer inside a browser than you to do just run your computer on itself.

  2. Good point as usual Tom. I find it rather surreal that the EyeOS has a web browser!

  3. Interesting. I think this is the start of offline and online becomming very blurred. Everything will be online and we'll only need a browser to access.

  4. With the caveat highlighted by Tom, I agree completely Doug.

  5. I don't know how far this concept will work. Sooner or later microsoft will find a way to take care of such type of operating systems.

  6. LOL - I'm sure they would if they could! In the bad old days when they controlled the browser market it might have been possible, but now we have Firefox there's nothing they can do.


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