The Irresistible Allure of Print

I was in Sounds Instrumental this afternoon, which is always a pleasure.  I was ostensibly there to buy a tuner for my mandolin, but took the opportunity to try out a Bouzouki (need longer fingers!) and browse through the music books.

This collection of Scottish tunes caught my eye:

Highland Collection

There is really no need for me to buy this book.  One website alone - - has more tunes than I could ever learn, and probably has many of the tunes in this book, but that doesn't stop me wanting it!  It feels great, and the pages of musical score look fabulous.  I didn't buy it, but as I type this I'm beginning to regret it.

(I have hotlinked to the image on the Highland Music Trust site, which is in general a bad thing to do, but I'm guessing they'll forgive me since I'm giving their beautiful book a free plug). 

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