Weighed down by Web 2.0

As a blogging, feed reading facebooking twitterer, I do, of course, recognise the benefits of all this stuff, but today, as I reached for my laptop and fired up Firefox, I felt a pang of nostalgia for the days when I would be presented with the blank canvas of Google's homepage.  No feeds to check, no twits to watch, no facebook games to play - just a blank search box and the question "I wonder what's out there?" floating in my mind.

It feels harder to get into that frame of mind these days - there's so much new stuff being thrown at me from familiar places that it's hard to find the time to go exploring for new places.   I can tap into other peoples' explorations via del.icio.us but that isn't quite the same.

Other people must have spoken about this before - star prize for a link to the oldest blog post to do so :)

Anyhoo, what do I care, I'm away now until Saturday night.  I'm not going snowboarding, no sir no, because the conditions up North are definitely rubbish.  Don't even think about going up, especially not to Glenshee which is even worse than the other resorts.  And if  you're not going up then I won't see you up there 'cos neither am I!

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