Eee PC

I'm writing this on an Asus Eee PC, which I've been given to trial by East Lothian Council.

My first impressions are very positive. As an experienced Linux user, I found the interface a bit annoying, but a quick google brought me to this howto which explains how to switch out of the easy mode and back to a more regular Linux desktop. Before the switch, it looks like this:

easy mode

and now it looks like this:

full desktop

I can see the appeal of the easy mode for younger pupils.


  1. Looks like a great start Jonsie! I am looking forward to hearing more!

    Speak/Skype soon,

    Tess :P

  2. There's different "modes" for the interface!!! I now like it even more!

    Are there any plans in East Lothian to trial the unit with pupils (something similar to Islay)?


  3. Hi Doug.

    It will be up to Lynne and Robert. . There are only five machine just now so a large scale class trial will not be possible at present.

    Tess :-)

  4. I have 6 ordered for trial in my secondary maths classroom - i'm very excited, unfortunately they are on hold until the school's new wifi network is up and running. Let us know how you get on with it :)

    Cheers, Dan

  5. Lucky you Dan. I would recommend that you install geogebra and maxima on the machines - great free maths software. Geogebra is easy to install. I'm working on maxima.

  6. I'll give them a go, cheers.

  7. I was thinking about doing things as
    - plotting a surface defined by z=f(x,y), or others kinds of equations
    - representing the intersection of a plane and a cone...

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.
    I do agree with you when you say : "1-1 (one device per pupil) is coming soon. I don’t have to do anything to make it happen. It is inevitable."

  8. Hi Tom. How about this - output from Maxima.

  9. This is really cool...


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