I was talking to my S3 class the other week, and one of the girls revealed that she can text much more quickly than she can handwrite.  She didn't get the chance to demonstrate, what with the school rule on mobile phones, but her friends confirmed the fact.  I don't suppose that she is unusual.

Interesting.  I tend to take talk about mobile phones as the next big thing in education with a big pinch of salt, but I think I've based my cynicism on an assumption that the keypads are awkward, slow input devices.  Apparently that is not the case if you are 14 and female.


  1. Do you want a loan of a Cre8txt next week to have a competition and see?

  2. Yes please - that sounds like an ideal last-week-of-term activity :)

  3. I think i read about a korean boy who can text in class in his pocket. My daughter seems to be able to text, talk and walk all at the same time. I am always hoping for a full-sized roll-up keyboard like the one ab blogs last week that plugs into your phone;-)
    In my experience primary children are as slow as me at texting which stopped me doing much mobloging in class. I must try again this year as they get faster all the time.

  4. I will be very interested to hear how you get on with this next week Jonsie.

    Merry Christmas,

    Tess :-)

  5. I'm sure I can text faster (and neater) than I can write - and without looking, a feat I wouldn't try if I had to try to write in a straight line. According to my birth certificate, I am neither 14 nor female. I don't even particularly like texting.

    I tried Cre8txt at the Scottish Learning Festival. The predictive element of it is not the same as the T9 system on most mobile phones. I wasn't overly impressed by it - but they didn't really give me a decent shot. I'd be interested to hear how it goes in class.

  6. It doesn't surprise me that you can text quickly Alan - I've had the pleasure of seeing your nimble fingers playing the guitar. As an independent observer I can confirm that you are not 14, and almost certainly not female!

    My texting is very poor. I use predictive texting, but get completely tangled up when the thing I am trying to text isn't picked up by the system. Without predictive texting, I am even slower. I've never worked out how you quickly select 2 letters from the same key, and never cared enough to find out!

    I can touch type though. Not really relevant, but I feel the need to make myself sound a bit less lame :)

    I'll let everyone know how the trial goes - provided I can sort out the loan from Ewan. Better email now...

  7. Don't think I'm going to be able to pick up the input device from Ewan before the end of term, so I'll just have to do the experiment with real mobile phones. More realistic anyway :)

  8. As the Support Officer for East Lothian, I could pick up the device from Ewan and take it out to you at NB if that would help?


  9. That would be awesome Tess :)

  10. [...] is a Maths Teacher and Glow mentor at the School. Over the weekend Robert had been questioning how Pupil writing would compare when using a ‘text‘ device to that of a keyboard. The use of ‘text’ communication is ever increasing. This ‘End-Of-Term’ experiment [...]


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