A Restorative School

We had an in-service session on Friday to announce the fact that we are planning to become a restorative school, and to give us some understanding of what this means.

Terri Kelly from the Better Behaviour Scotland Positive Behaviour Team gave us a quick introduction, and explained the process we will be going through to get all staff trained by 2009/10.

To quote from the Transforming Conflict site:
The restorative approach is based on the belief that the people best placed to resolve a conflict or a problem are the people directly involved, and that imposed solutions are less effective, less educative and possibly less likely to be honoured. In order to engage in a restorative approach to conflict and challenging behaviour people need certain attitudes and skills. Skills-based training can develop both restorative skills and attitudes.

I've been a big fan of Non-Violent Communication for many years, though I have not always managed to put it into practice, so I'm very enthusiastic about this development.  If we embrace it wholeheartedly as a school  it has the potential to transform our community.

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