Blogs I Miss

I realised today that many of the blogs in my news reader are dormant/dead.  Some were tentative ventures that didn't develop, but some were really interesting for a while.  For me, the lesson is that if you are not actively seeking out new blogs to read, you are slowly losing touch with the blogosphere.

Anyway, here are some blogs I miss:

Can anyone recommend any new blogs that I should definitely be subscribing to?


  1. Hi Robert,

    Here are a few I have in my feed reader. I don't read all of them every day, but there is frequently interesting stuff. If you're wondering where all the education ones are, I know you'll have them already. Most of the urls give away enough to guess what they're about.

  2. I've update, myself, recently. Really enjoying:

    Lisa Stevens at
    Doug Dickinson at
    Allanah at
    Jo McLeay at

  3. Thanks David. One of your links led me to Australian Edubloggers - loads of new blogs to explore :)

  4. Awesome list Alan - thanks (I would have replied earlier but Alan's post got held but by my anti-spam software)

    The Stephen Fry blog alone is a great find.


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