Wedding Present at the Liquid Rooms

Last night we went to see the Wedding Present play at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh - the centrepiece of which was a seemless performance the the entire "George Best" album.

It was a memorable night!  Dave Gedge was on good form, and it was great to see so many old faces from the late '80s Edinburgh Indie scene.  Weird, though, to be at a gig with so many people of my age!  I think the baby sitters of the Lothians had a bonanza night last night :)

I was slightly disappointed that Gedge didn't play my personal favorite - "Interstate 5", but apart from that I couldn't have asked for more.


  1. Sounds like a great night. One of my personal favorites, too.

    BTW, the links back to your posts don't work in Google Reader. Not sure why.

  2. Thanks for the info Tom. Can't replicate the problem here. Odd.

    "Interstate 5" is actually my favorite song to snowboard to. Making turns in time to the music on a quiet, wide run in powder snow with the sun shining down... awesome :)

  3. I was at the Weddoes gig in the Liquid Rooms, travelled from Qatar just to see them as I had been present at the George Best tour the first time around 20 years ago. Also saw then in Nov 89 at the Barrowlands.

    Anyways, great night, although it kicked off rather early (8.30pm)and finished by 10.00pm.

    Missed the first song, but apart from GB do remember Brassneck, Kennedy, Yeah Yeah Yeah and Flying Saucer. They also threw in a Cinerama track.

    Thought David was rather funny in parts "Hello Glasgow", asking security to throw someone out for calling him Gedgie and stating that they weren't playing a certain track as it wasn't on the vinyl release of GB it was on the CD.

    Anyway, well worth the trip home (as were the Undertones in Glasgow the week before) ... see you all at the 30th anniversary.

  4. That's dedication! Glad you enjoyed it after such a long journey.

    It was interesting to here from Gedge that lots of the current members of the band were from Edinburgh.

    A friend suggested that maybe Gedge should have said something about the original band members on "George Best" - after all, the guitar sound is a big part of the appeal.


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