School Filtering blocks an entire TLD!

All school Internet access is crippled these days. Ours here in East Lothian is crippled with Websense. I discovered today that the entire .ru TLD is blocked! Yep - any web site that end .ru is blocked! I know why - Russian domains are notorious for running malicious code and hosting dodgy stuff, but isn't it a bit over the top that we can't access

[UPDATE] Dan from WebSense has been in touch to point out that it is not WebSense that is blocking everything from Russia - our local configuration is doing that.  I've changed the title of this post to more accurately reflect the situation.  And no, in case your wondering, Dan didn't get all "you'll be hearing from my lawyers" on me - the only communication I've had from him is the comment below :)

This post seems to have caused lots of hassle all 'round, one way and another.  As usual, I didn't mean it to!

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