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Zen and the Art of Skimboarding

OK - so this doesn't really have anything to do with zen, but I couldn't resist the title. Over the holidays (remember them?) my son and I acquired a skimboard. We took it down to the beach, and after about 20 terrifying minutes I decided that skimboarding wasn't for me. I could see a trip to A&E looming! Last weekend, we went down to the beach with Carl, who has been skimboarding for a few months. He showed us a few basics, and gave us a demonstration. Within 15 minutes we'd got it. Carl didn't think he'd done much to help, but I would beg to differ. Firstly, he gave us a couple of really helpful pointers (how to hold the board, and how to start by jumping onto a still board), and secondly he demonstrated the possibility of doing it. Seeing him doing it made a huge difference. Suddenly it seemed doable! Maybe you're expecting me to draw an analogy now. I don't think I will. After all, this is just a wee post about skimboarding with a help

Good In Service Shock Horror

On Friday morning we had a two hour session in the school hall on Child Protection.  As you can imagine, the prospect of this did not exactly fill me with glee.  Child Protection is, of course, important, but I wasn't so sure that spending two hours being lectured about it was really going to make any difference to my practice. I was wrong. Anne Darling delivered a moving and informative session which gave us a clear understanding of the potentially life saving role we have to play as teachers of abused children, and highlighted the way that procedures have changed for the better over the last few years.  The material could have been dry and depressing, but Anne's personal involvement and passion brought it alive. Brilliant stuff - thanks Anne.

Some of the things I did this Summer

Sat drinking weissbier by the litre at the Tollwood festival in Munich Went to see exhibitions of Gilbert and George, Warhol and Picasso Snowboarded on the Hintertux glacier in Austria Wandered around the Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire Fitted a loft ladder in the house Sailed a Laser in the Firth of Forth Learned to surf at Belhaven Bay Wrote songs on my 12 string guitar Cycled around East Lothian Discovered how hard skimboarding is Read Chronicles Vol 1 by Bob Dylan, Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, the last Harry Potter and the first Gervase Phinn book. Poured pints at the ELYC bar Watched all 23 episodes of Heroes in 10 days Correctly predicted every Big Brother eviction Relaxed