Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday on Sunday (42 years on the planet).  As usual, I was asked what I wanted.  Usually I reply with an unintelligible mumble or a request for socks, but this year I decided to shoot for the stars.  I replied "a 12 string electric-acoustic guitar please!"

Much to my astonishment, this is exactly what I got!


Huge thanks to Libby and Fergus.  You can see a bigger picture of my lovely new Yamaha APX700 12 string here.  I've had an old Yamaha FG 180 6 string acoustic for 25 years and it has never let me down, so I like Yamaha guitars :)

After a while noodling with the new 12 string, I found myself playing around with finger picking, something I've never got into before.  It sounded fabulous, so I'm now working on a tab I downloaded of a song called "in the evening" in open d tuning. Yee hah varmint.  I think I may have to get into check shirts and start calling myself Bobby-Jay.


  1. Belated happy birthday Jonesie. I feel bad that I forgot. I'm so used to be away on camp with you on your birthday that it slipped my mind even though we discussed how you were going to be home for it this year. I'm so glad you got your guitar. I know how disappointed I'd have been if I hadn't got what I was after. Maybe you should ask for 2 Range Rover sports next year and give me one! I should really go back to my reports as I'm really just avoiding them again. See you Monday. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy the guitar. I have always found the 12 string very difficult to play. I hope the action on it is far lower than the one I used to have ( I gave up on it and got rid!) I am happy with my Ovation six string and my Strat.

  3. Cheers Gordon. My 12 string has a very playable action, and the neck is just the right width. I had a Baldwin 12 string semi-acoustic back in the late '80s - I loved it but it was a nightmare to play, because the neck was so narrow.

    Can't go wrong with a Strat :)


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