Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday on Sunday (42 years on the planet).  As usual, I was asked what I wanted.  Usually I reply with an unintelligible mumble or a request for socks, but this year I decided to shoot for the stars.  I replied "a 12 string electric-acoustic guitar please!"

Much to my astonishment, this is exactly what I got!


Huge thanks to Libby and Fergus.  You can see a bigger picture of my lovely new Yamaha APX700 12 string here.  I've had an old Yamaha FG 180 6 string acoustic for 25 years and it has never let me down, so I like Yamaha guitars :)

After a while noodling with the new 12 string, I found myself playing around with finger picking, something I've never got into before.  It sounded fabulous, so I'm now working on a tab I downloaded of a song called "in the evening" in open d tuning. Yee hah varmint.  I think I may have to get into check shirts and start calling myself Bobby-Jay.

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