Glow Mentor Training Delayed?

I just read this at the clacksblog
News has just reached us that Mentor training is being delayed until after the summer holidays.

I wonder if this applies nationally? Anyone able to fill me in on the details?

[UPDATE] Apparently it does apply to us all.  No reason to panic - IT projects get delayed all the time. 


  1. At the glow meeting for East Lothian mentors, slippage was muttered but there we were told nothing officially. When we logged on to the glow portal it was self evident that there's still a lot of work to do.

  2. I for one am glad they have come out and admitted it. It's far better to be told of a delay and then be able to plan around it, than get something half-baked. Please take your time RM and LTS - I'd far rather we had something that worked, than something not ready.

  3. I agree completely - it's when they tell you everything is on schedule but you know it isn't that you need to start worrying!

  4. It's good to know this now, as I had made arrangements around being in Stirling on those training dates ie I'd agreed for my band to do a ceilidh up there on the Friday, thinking I could go straight from Stirling. Now I'll have to reorganise, as I'll actually be coming from Galashiels - an extra 2 hours away, allowing for by-pass traffic.
    I suppose in the minds of the big business suits that are Glow, this sort of thing is small beer. It's damned annoying at a personal level though.


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