As I have visited schools across East Lothian this year, I have shown several maths teachers the Geogebra dynamic geometry package. They have all been impressed, but asked for more support in learning how to use it. This morning, I've put together a quick screencast to show the basics of using this excellent Open Source program. This first screencast looks at the geometric constructions that you can create. My next screencast will look at graphs and functions.


  1. Fantastic Robert! Now what we need is one of these for everything! Now, if only we could convince everyone to do them, then it might just be achieveable...

    An excellent resource.

  2. That's great, I was having a look around the SG blogs this morning and saw mention of geogebra.

    It would be nice to collect all these together somehow, like AB said a common tag would be useful.

  3. Hi! Mr. Robert, I think that your post is gooing to be useful for us. Thank you.
    From one of Mr. K's students,
    -mark ,

  4. That would be cool wouldn't it Andrew? At the moment it just isn't easy enough - I had to figure out all the steps along the way for myself. Perhaps the first thing we need is a screencast showing how to make screencasts :)

    I'll go back and tag this infotorial and edutorial just in case.

    Glad this is going to be helpful Mark.

  5. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the pointer to GeoGebra. The screencast was great! As a matter of fact we watched it in my grade 12 (16 & 17+ years old) precalculus class today. The comment from m@rk above was left right after we watched the video. This is the class that I'm podcasting this semester. The kids applauded after the screencast. ;-) (I introduced my class to you about halfway through the podcast.)

    I'm teaching vectors later this semester and our grade 11 course (16 year olds) has an entire unit on circle geometry and the properties of angles and chords in circles. This software looks like it's going to be great ... once I get past the learning curve. ;-)


  6. At the moment I'm putting together bite-sized tutorials on how to make screencasts using Captivate for LTS - they will go online at the end of this month. I chose captivate for a number of reasons - it's Flash based, it is relatively cheap (£47 for educators) and it integrates with a LMS for tracking pupil progress and attainment through it's quiz element (both questions and on screen activities) which *should* work with Glow. This is what I was going to talk about at TeachMeet, but time beat us!

  7. Cool Andrew. There must be an Open Source solution out there too - I shall investigate this afternoon. The Glow integration sounds interesting.

    I'll post up some more Geogebra screencasts this afternoon Darren. The applause was nice! I realised after finishing the first screencast that the workbook I created was not really a very effective demonstration of the angle in a semi-circle, in that it didn't provide any justification. Perhaps one of your students will be able to come up with something better once they have become familiar with Geogebra :)


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