Productivity vs Consumption in Web2.0

In the bright new world of Web2.0, we are all both consumers and producers. I've been thinking today about how the two relate to each other. Time for a graph:

Graph 2

I'd like to spend all my time on-line in the "head down" and "I'm on fire!" zones - reading blogs, writing posts, posting comments, sending emails, coding cool applications, doing school preparation...

Unfortunately, I seem to spend much more time in the "Web1.0" zone - mindlessly trawling around blogs, my feed reader, checking email, being vaguely inspired but not actually producing anything... and I guess I'm not alone in this.

How do we get the balance right? Without consuming the Web I wouldn't be producing many of the interesting things that I'm involved with now, but there are times when I feel like I might have produced a whole lot more if I'd just left the computer switched off!

Do you feel like you've got the balance right?

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