Robert Anton Wilson RIP

Robert Anton Wilson died on 11/1/2007, as reported on his official blog. R U Sirius has written an obituary.

RAW was incredibly important to me in the early '90s, when I devoured The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Cosmic Trigger, Prometheus Rising and many more of his fine books.

Robert Anton Wilson saw the Universe as a great big hilarious mystery, wide-open with possibilities. He dismissed all purveyors of certainty, and explained in clear, simple language the extent to which we all live in our own self-constructed models of reality rather than actually receiving reality as it is moment to moment.

In hindsight, RAW led me to Buddhism. I was going to say "led me to becoming a Buddhist" but RAW would have ridiculed the use of such a lazy, meaningless label. In fact, I have never really been very comfortable with the label "Buddhist". It is not used in the East, where people describe themselves as followers of the Buddha's path rather than as Buddhists. As a small gesture of respect to the great man I'll refrain from describing myself as a Buddhist in future. Hail Eris!


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