Blogging for Beginners - How to Read 500 Blogs

Blogs exist in communities. For example, in my community - Scottish education - there are probably around 500 blogs. Each blog will be publishing new posts at varying frequencies. Some will post almost every day, whilst others may only post once a fortnight or have fallen into disuse altogether. If you are a blogger in such a community, how on Earth are you supposed to keep on top of the new posts in all these blogs? 500 favorites that you visit every day? Impossible!

Feeds and feed readers are the answer. Feeds turn the whole problem on its head by, in effect, making all these blogs tell your feed reader when they post something. You only have to visit your feed reader - such as Bloglines - where you can see at a glance which of your chosen blogs have published new posts. It's like having a personal shopper that goes around all your favorite shops and tells you when interesting new stuff appears on the shelves. With these tools at your disposal, it becomes feasible to monitor hundreds of blogs and still have something resembling a life!

Read this RSS Guide from weblogg-ed for more details!

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