Services I want (and I want them now!)

A "Northern Lights" alert service

This service will text my mobile phone if there's likely to be a show where I live. Here in East Lothian I've seen them once, but I'm pretty sure that I've missed them several other times.

Northern Lights
Northern lights by Nick Russill

Intelligent blog searching

I want a blog search tool that delivers me RSS feeds of my searches, but learns from what I tell it about the sites it finds. Simple "more like this" or "not what I'm looking for" buttons beside the results that will fine tune future searches, along with a "near misses" button to show me some results that it thinks probably aren't what I'm looking for, so that I can highlight any that actually are relevant. This tool would solve Ian's Islay problem

Of course I don't want to pay for these services, and I want a big fat cheque from anyone that provides these services because they were my idea :D

Anyone else got any "must have" services?

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