Learnt Lines

The first night of the play is tomorrow.  The play lasts a couple of hours and I'm on stage almost all the time.  That's a lot of lines!  Once I've really learnt my lines, they seem to slip out of my consciousness.  It's a wierd feeling.  I know that I know the lines, but they're not  accessible to me unless I'm actually running through the play.  Scary.  Still, it could be worse - I could be the prompt!  That is without doubt the worst job in an amateur production.


  1. Neil - you beat me to it - break two!! On second thoughts don't go snow-boarding!

  2. Cheers guys! One more night to go, and it's gone well. The audiences laughed, and seemed to leave happy. As always, I'm saying "never again" at the moment, but perhaps I'll have come round to the idea by next Autumn.


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