Learning Lines

And so it begins....the miserable task of learning my lines for the upcoming production of "Over My Dead Body". I've been throught the book highlighting my lines, I've sat and counted how many pages I have to learn and I've counted how many discrete chunks of lines I have to learn, but I have yet to actually start learning my lines.

Learning lines is one of those tasks that suddenly make all the other tedious chores in life seem both pressing and interesting in comparison. So I've emptied the dishwasher - even put away all the plates and cutlery rather than leaving them in piles on a kitchen surface - and am now typing a blog entry when I should really be LEARNING LINES. Just about anything seems more appealing. Apart from cutting the grass, of course. There are limits.


  1. Don't know if it's too late, but a good technique is to record the rest of the play/act/scene without your bits, then play it through on an iPod (NB: Other players are available)... Effective, and makes a pleasant change for the other people on the bus/train instead of the usual atonal singing. :)

  2. Top tip Neil - an english teacher to the rescue! Do you act yourself (above and beyond the daily performance involved in standing up in front of a class)? I have done this once before, but haven't got round to it for this play. Silly really, because I have a new Creative Vision:M which you can record directly into. You've given me the push I needed - I'm off to record it now :)


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