Google Analytics

If you blog and you want to know who is reading it, you MUST get into Google Analytics if you can. It is free, and gives you a mind boggling wealth of information. The screen capture below is just a fraction of the information available to you:

analytics shot

You'll need to be able to put a bit of code onto your page to get all this goodness.

By the way, I have 99 gmail invites if anyone wants a gmail account to use for google analytics.


  1. Hi Robert, I would love a Gmail invite. Ollie

  2. This is another thing that's on the Exc-el plans.. I'm all registered with my chunk of code all ready to go - but site migration & blogs are further up the list!

  3. I just sent it Ollie :)

  4. Me too, Robert, if you have any to spare?



  5. [...] Robert Jones has enthused before about Google Analytics. He includes a screenshot. [...]


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