Glow, SETT, TeachMeet06

Well, after yesterday's experiences at SETT, I had it in mind to write a blog post entitled "Glow vs Teachmeet06". But now that I'm home, I discover that John@Sandaig has already written a post with this title here.

I feel rather more stongly than John about the difference between the two (either that or he's more discrete than I am!). I think the Glow launch was a real let-down, for several reasons.

Firstly, it was obvious that Glow was supposed to be ready for launch at this event in some form, but it wasn't. The overall feeling was of vapourware.

Secondly, nobody speaking on the stage seemed to be convincingly excited or passionate about what Glow is offering (although the dance performance was great fun). We saw the same old faces from Masterclass looking rather tired and stressed. No disrespect to them, but I think we need some fresh blood if Glow is going to have a real buzz about it (this is why I initially didn't put myself forward as a Glow mentor). A critical moment as far as I am concerned was the point at which a speaker said "we will be in touch with you soon. We'll be talking to your authorities to organise how that happens". WHAT??? Digital immigrant thinking. Why not say "here's the address of the Wiki", "here's the Google Group we've set up in the interim", or even "please start blogging, and tag your posts 'glowscotland' so we can put together a feed"? Glow has potential, but I think that the really exciting stuff will happen outside Glow unless it can really pick up on the amazing stuff that's going on right now.

Speaking of which, I saw the future at TeachMeet06 (good summary on David's blog here). I saw passionate, convinced and convincing speakers who are actually walking the walk right now with classes, using Flickr, Second Life, blogging, podcasting, JumpCut etc etc.

To end on a positive note, if you are a Glow mentor - get blogging and tag it "glowscotland". I look forward to entering into a dialogue with you directly. Why wait for LTS to catch up?

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