Glow mentor meeting

East Lothian Glow mentors met today at The Gothenburg in PrestonPans - here's the agenda.

I missed the afternoon (visiting Ross High School), but thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

Karen Robertson began the morning with an overview of where we are and where we are going.

Alan Yeoman then spoke to us about the training programme for Glow mentors, and I was very impressed by what he had to say. Whilst the Glow launch at SETT was a disappointment, with the feeling that it was underprepared, Alan's presentation today showed that they have been doing some serious thinking about how to prepare us for our roles as mentors.

The residential training at Stirling may include sessions on ACfE and the theory of co-coaching, for example. I had been concerned that the training would focus upon the basics of the use of the Glow portal tools. In fact, as Alan said, most teachers won't need any training to use the tools - if you can use a web browser, you've already got most of the technical skills you need.

Alan told us that VLE training is not going to be part of the residential training. The cynic in me can't help wondering whether that's because it won't be ready by then!

After coffee, Don Ledingham spoke to us about the vision. He ran us through his multiple metaphor model, which I have to say made a lot more sense than when I read about it on his blog - there is sometimes no substitute for face-to-face meetings! A lot of what Don said about the role of Glow mentor applies equally to my secondment so I found it very useful.

Towards the end of the morning, Ewan McIntosh raised an interesting challenge. To paraphrase him, "Most of the tools in Glow are already available for free online now. Hardly anyone is using them. Simply putting them within Glow will not guarantee that they begin to use them"

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