Fame at last

Someone asked me today "how famous do you think FreeMIS is?" - a question that was clearly going somewhere. I mumbled some non-comittal waffle, and was then presented with a copy of issue 65 of Linux User. There's an article about this year's FLOSSIE, which mentions my 5 minute slot about FreeMIS. At the risk of consuming too much of your precious bandwidth, allow me to reproduce my mention in its entirety:

Robert Jones' (sic) FreeMIS, developed with Ruby-on-Rails,
had come from a different direction - based on the need to
report to parents. As it is currently used in Scotland, it
uses Shibboleth for single sign-on. (c) R Smedley

Shibboleth SSO for FreeMIS is actually "in development", but apart from that it's all true :)
The article has a link to the demo site - this explains the recent spike in visits to the demo.

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