Does anyone blog the really bad stuff on a work blog?

Well do they? It is great to use blogs to share good practice, bounce ideas around and formulate new policies. But what about the negative stuff? There are many issues in a large organisation like mine (East Lothian Council) that might act to impede the development of effective learning and teaching. Is anyone brave enough to air such issues in a blog managed by their employer? Might they be in breach of their contracts of employment if they did? I have always been under the impressions that we are not allowed to go directly to the press with concerns. If not, will we really be allowed to air those concerns in such a public arena as Exc-el? What is more, should we be allowed to?

Now don't get me wrong - I think Exc-el is a great tool, and the fact that blogs tend towards the positive is also good. It would be pretty pointless if it just became a place to moan. But without the ability to discuss the real nitty gritty of the problems we face, it runs the risk of just being a place to show-off and to dream.

To give you one example of the kind of thing I'm talking about, I read an East Lothian publication over the Summer that described a visit by the First Minister to see how PPP had gone. He described it as a resounding success and a model for other authorities to follow. How quickly we have forgotten this,this,this...
[rest of post self-censored to avoid risk of disciplinary action]

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