A plague of flies

North Berwick has been experiencing a mysterious plague of flies over the last week. Speculation has been rife as to the source of our unwelcome visitors. One story doing the rounds is that their arrival is related to the recent record high tides that we experienced. Another is that they are breeding on rotting crops. Whever they came from, everyone is agreed that they are bloody annoying! We can't leave food around in the open, and the delicate amongst us are being disturbed in the night by buzzing in our bedrooms. Bring on the scottish winter!


  1. I like how this is your only comment for the "North Berwick" category. Very true though. Very annoying. I know this isnt the place to put this but i cant find anywhere else in your little corner of the web to put it. (trust me i looked for a couple of mins!!) But seeing this web page it seems to me that you rock!! Wish you were ma dad. Have a great xmas!!

  2. Aww shucks :) You have a great time too!


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