Why "Jonesieblog"?

When I first arrived on the Internet back in the '90s, it turned out that several Robert Joneses had got here before me. I needed a username for HoTMaiL, as it was known in the days before it belonged to Bill, and the best I could come up with in a hurry was "jonesieboy". Over the years I have registered on dozens of sites as "jonesieboy", and set up "jonesieboy" email accounts on many domains.
I'm not entirely happy with "jonesieboy" as a moniker - it certainly lacks gravitas, and seems less and less appropriate as my 40th birthday disappears into the mists of time - but I'm kind of stuck with it now.
It seems only natural that Jonesieboy should have a jonesieblog!
By the way - don't bother sending emails to the Hotmail account. I only use it when I need to expose an email address on the Internet. It receives hundreds of spam messages per day, and I only look at it in once in a while to prevent it from being deactivated by Microsoft. Most of the spam seems to be for impotence drugs - is someone trying to tell me something?

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